The Furture of the AR15 - Holland Automatic Rifle corporation is an American innovative weapons systems design firm that provides performance enhanced products, accessories and services to its military, government, veteran, security and sports & recreational weapons enthusiast clients.

Gas management system.

The HAR patented gas system is truly unique. Directly rearward of the barrel port is the primary venting orifice. This vent allows hottest gasses to be directly vented into the atmosphere. This initial vent is directed to offset the muzzle rise and torque twist. The secondary vent is bi-directional. This again aids in the reduction of muzzle rise and torque twist. Upon fully opening of the second vent, gasses have dropped to allow the actuator spring to overcome the gas pressure, returning in a forward direction, closing the second vent. Sealing the second vent on return travel expels residual gas, unburnt propellant, and carbon back out the primary vent. This sequence of operations also has the added benefit of, but are not limited to, increasing muzzle velocity, extending barrel life, cooling the gas system and eliminating the need for internal cleaning.

Upper Receiver

The HAR upper receiver is a patented non retro fit piston upper. It is left side charging, non-reciprocating, forward assist, full length charger slide. Unlike most reciprocating type chargers, this keeps debris from entering the receiver.

Lower Receiver

Our billet or forged lower receiver has our patent pending trigger finger operated Ambi Bolt Catch and release. This in conjunction with the left side charger allows the operator to manipulate the rifle’s functions with hands in firing position, maintaining sight picture. All of our lowers come installed with a BAD-ASS/BAD-CASS 22 ½ safety/selector.